My amazing boy

I had a really wonderful weekend with my son, who had been in Georgia last week. I had really missed him! It seemed like he grew up so much in that trip in some ways. Or anyhow I had never really noticed before how intuitive he is becoming.

Children are supposed to be intuitive, and more in touch with their extrasensory perceptions. So I should have taken him more seriously Sunday morning, when I said that I did not know where I cat was. Palmer immediately said, "She's probably hiding in the basement." I thought that was no way possible, since she had been inside Saturday evening and none of the windows or doors were left open. But after tearing the house apart looking for her Sunday afternoon and again Monday, I finally decided that she must have pushed the door open to my apartment when it was not locked (one does not need to turn the handle to exit, since I live in a converted attic). And from there, if the main front door was left open, which it often is, she could have just walked out. All this my Palmer intuitively knew, and I wish I would have just gone to the basement Sunday morning to check, per my smart little guys advise. Instead of waiting until Monday night, to find a hungry and tired and scared little girl cat.

Palmer was also amazingly intuitive on Sunday afternoon. We went to go look at the two apartments where I have put in an application. The first one is a roomy one bedroom about 10 minutes from Palmer's house, in a nice area. The property manager told me Saturday he would leave the place unlocked, so Sunday Palmer and I went into the empty apartment, looked around, played hide and go seek, and used the bathroom. Palmer seemed relaxed and happy. He also told me he was not sure I had enough money for such a fancy place. I hope his intuition is wrong about that one.

He was spot on though when we went over to the second place, a room in a house just around the corner from Palmer's house. He declared, moments after we arrived, that he did not want to live there. Then he started climbing on her antique furniture and not listening when she told him to put down the frame for her needlepoint. I told my friend Amanda about this and she started laughing, "Palmer knew just what to do, it seems" she said.

Indeed he does.


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