Vertical axis turbine

My father has a patent on a vertical axis turbine, an invention he came up with a few years ago and has been kind enough to write into the family trust. He has asked me on a number of occasions, both when I was in Iceland and now that I am here at UC Berkeley, to talk to people about this alternative energy source, which utilizes wind power in a way described as "truly innovative" by several professional engineers to whom my father has shown the design.

I have been promising him for weeks that I would go over to the offices here on campus where professors and graduate students are investigating alternative energy sources. He knows very well that having his daughter go in in person will make more of an impact, and lead to more meaningful conversations, than him just sending an email. He keeps reminding me that successfully building a full scale working model of the invention, and having it professionally tested, is the thing he needs to get his patent into reality. And that would mean so much to the entire family.

So although I love teaching and spending time with my son, I also need to find time to help my dad. It is a really worthy project and I'd be proud to help make it happen.


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