Greed x 20

I only spent about 20 hours total in Las Vegas, but it was enough to reaffirm my general dislike of excess. I was sooooo happy to get back to my Saab, and to think about how much more environmentally conscious and socially conscious and just responsible-human-being-ish it is to not want or need brand new and super fancy. Vegas has enough brand-new hotel rooms and casinos and restaurants and shops to satisfy the world-wide quota for the next ten years at least. It is the only place I know where something 20 years old is considered "shabby." My car is 20 years old, and I like it just fine. Even if the interior lining is sagging in the back, with a little spray glue, my girl will be perfect. That and fixing the hole in the muffler. 

And with the money I save, I can get her a really cool custom paint job. 


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