Hof brau

I have not been to the grocery store in a few days, and even my plans to stop by the corner store and get milk and eggs Friday afternoon got changed when Palmer was given a 16 oz glass of milk at a cafe on the upside of campus. I decided not to make us therefore walk downhill and back up again to the nearest store, and instead we made do with the milk he got from the cafe for the night and the next morning. I am a strategic mom, I like to think. For lunch Saturday I had to be strategic also; I had expected we'd be at a barbeque Saturday for lunch, but then a soaking rain storm cancelled that. The left over mexican food came to the rescue, since leaving the house in that downpour for any purpose was not high on my list. So when Palmer asked if he could stay at my house Saturday night, I immediately wondered what in the world I would feed him for dinner, without having to go to the store. I do in fact have spaghetti, and some other things, I could make. But no milk, his drink of choice.

So I drove him home to his dad's (after we went to the Science Museum, where I of course bought him a milk). This took care of Palmer, but left me still with a very empty fridge at 6pm on a Saturday night. Not wanting especially to go to the store and then cook, I strategically managed to hang around long enough until Dave finally said, "Well, I am not cooking, but we can go out to eat if you like." It is indeed good to still be friends with the ex, I have to say. Makes life much more pleasant.

We went to a place in Orinda which calls itself "Europa Hof Brau" and serves Irish corned beef, German brautswurst, and American hamburgers, all inside a restaurant decorated like an Italian piazza.


Anonymous said…
fyndið! Fær maður bjór frá Hofbräuhaus þar?
Lissy said…
Já, en bara í floskur. Ekki neit a tap.

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