Complicated plans

This weekend Palmer and I are heading down to Southern California to visit my parents. That sounds simple enough. But Southern California is a big place (approx 40,000 sq km), and my family is spread out all over it. So I was thinking in Icelandic terms it would be something like driving from Egilsstaðir to a house in Selfoss (Mission Viejo, CA), and from there going to see my brother who lives in Seltjarnes (Carlsbad, CA) and my parents who live in Keflavík (Rainbow, CA), and visit my niece who lives in Akranes (Huntington Beach) and then all of us trying to coordinate a trip out to Akureyri (Searchlight, NV).  From there of course we'll all head to Lake Myvatn (Las Vegas).

That is a lot of ground to cover, and lot of people to see, in a 10 day trip. I do not imagine my readers will be able to keep up with all of it.


Valur said…
Thats quite a distance. Maybe you should buy a portable DVD-player if you don´t already have one.
Lissy said…
Well, I plan to drive, rather than walk, between locations. If I take my car, I have a built in 12 CD changer. If I take my exhusband's car, there is an ipod connection. Plus the radio stations in SoCal are not so bad, really.

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