I am really very fond of Betty

Yesterday I was sewing up a hole in Palmer's favorite pair of socks, which we bought in Iceland last year. They are really well made socks, with an extra thick sole, and well worth the effort of a few stitches. So then Palmer asked me how I learned how to sew. I decided to show him the first thing I ever sewed, a purse I made for myself when I was 10 I think. I keep in in a box along with my photos from Iceland and various other postcards and such. Inside the purse I had actually put a collection of some of my favorite tid bits for my past, including a copy of my 8th grade picture, where I had the haircut I had gotten in Iceland, and the 16th birthday card from my brother Billy, which read, "How did a family tree so full of nuts, produce a peach like you?" - my all-time favorite birthday card ever.

Another thing in there was the license plate from my first bicycle, which my parents had gotten for me at the Queen Mary. It was stamped with my name on it, or anyhow, one of the nicknames I used to go by when I was a little kid, "Beth". I explained to Palmer that some people used to call me Beth, but I did not like it much, so they stopped.


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