Washington Huskies

Palmer joined a T-ball league a few weeks ago; I was pleased he could still wear the cleats I bought for him in Iceland when he was doing soccer there last spring.

I think his favorite part about t-ball so far is actually the uniform, much as it was for him with soccer. But of course instead of being Keflavík and sponsored by Sparisjoðurinn, now he is on a T-ball league that features the logo and colors of the University of Washington. I thought this was kind of funny, that my little guy is a Huskie, but also appropriate, since my sister lives up there now, and both my dad and my brother used to work in the Seattle area.

Of course, I am not yelling "Go Huskies!" quiet as loud as I used to yell "Áfram Keflavík!" but that is mostly because the playing field is a lot smaller in t-ball. One does not have to be as loud to be heard.


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