On being a good teacher

Today I have to review the evaluations that the students gave me from the last time I taught. I have never considered myself a great teacher or anything, but this semester, I must say, I feel a lot more on top of the whole teaching thing. 

The main difference for me this time around is I seem to have a better appreciation of the fact that different students have different skills they need to master. Some may be very good in some areas, but lacking a bit in on specific, and crucial, area. Other students may be generally speaking OK, but not excellent at any one skill, neither reading comprehension nor writing. I am becoming a lot more aware of these distinctions, and at learning how to motivate and challenge the students in the area where there is room for improvement. 

The last time I taught, it was almost as if I thought all the students knew how to read and write better than me, and that I had little or nothing to teach them. I have no rid myself of this idea/delusion, and am ready to say that I do have a thing or two to show them.   


Anonymous said…
Realizing that is the first step. Good luck on your journey!

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