Not an organ donor

This morning I dropped Palmer and Dave off at the airport - they are going to see Dave's mother in Georgia. On the way there, a motorcycle driver came zooming past us, reminding me of why and how they got the epitaph Organ Donors. The idea is that everyone expects them to die in a motorcycle accident soon, and then their organs can be transplanted into someone else. 

California driver's licenses have a little pink dot on them for just this purpose: if you die in a car accident, the pink dot indicates you have already agreed to have your organs harvested so that doctor's can put them into someone else. 

I am not a fan of the whole organ donation/harvesting/transplant idea. I do not have a pink dot on my driver's license, but of course what happens to my organs after I die is not really such a big issue. What is more important to me is that I never accept getting an organ transplant, except perhaps a kidney from a relative. 

Because to me it seems to me that anyone who wants to give me life needs to be fully alive themselves. 


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