Office library

I left a lot of my books in Iceland, thinking that the library here at Berkeley would have everything I needed. Unfortunately, I have already discovered several books that are not in the stacks here, and that I really rather need for my dissertation. So I am planning to ask Koleen to go into my office at my apartment and try to fish them out for me, send them to me here in California.

I really hate to ask her to do this, not only because of course she likely won't know exactly what books I am talking about, but also because one's personal library is just that, a personal thing. I remember offering to help Ármann move his library when he got his office at Uni, and he was like "oh no, the only person I let help me with that is Sverrir."

Koleen is not my twin sister, and she does not know anything about the books on my shelf, but she is a smart, responsible lady, and I am sure, if I tell her the color of the books and whatever I can remember of the titles, she'll be able to send me my books. Fingers crossed.....


Ko-Leen said…
it's true, Im not color blind :) And I can read! No worries, I am sure I can find the books.
Lissy said…
Haha, thanks honey! I sent you an email about how to get them to me, for free!!

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