Wedding painting

I do not know if the tradition of giving a newly married couple a painting is Icelandic tradition, or just if it is something my family in Suðurnesja does. But I was given a painting when I got married the first time, and my aunt in Sandgerði had the artist paint a view of the Icelandic beach. The colors of the ocean are just right, dark blue patches mixed with light grey patches, clearly the North Atlantic.

This morning, I unpacked that painting to hang up in my apartment in Berkeley. Though this apartment has wonderful views over the San Francisco Bay, it will surely benefit from also having an Icelandic landscape perspective.


Jon said…
I have an Icelandic painting of a field of lupine with the mountains in the background. It is sort of impressionist watercolor, but it takes me on a far away visit if I look at it for a short time.

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