I start teaching a week from tomorrow, and am looking forward to getting the syllabus all worked out this week. I am not a natural born teacher by any means, mostly because I usually think my students already know everything I am trying to teach them. But I enjoy public speaking, and I am not shy or reserved, so in that sense I find teaching fun, as a sort of performance.

The professors in my department know this about me, they know that the museum field is really my passion, and they have always shown me respect as a museum professional who is trying to finish her PhD.  But in order to do so, I rather need to teach. So now I am just trying to convince myself that indeed, I may actually have a thing or two that I could teach my students. And it will be fun.


Iris said…
What are you teaching? Anthony is teaching 3 courses over here and has to have 5 mandatory office hours per week. Seems kind of harsh coming from the German system but then again maybe here students don't feel like their a nuisance for their professors?
Lissy said…
Well, I am only teaching one course, which is considered a 50% load. Usually professors teach two courses one semester and three courses the other semester, so I am not surprised Ant is getting hit with 3!

The worst thing about office hours in my mind is when no one shows up, so I put in it my syllabus that everyone has to come to office hours once per semester.

I have been thinking about you, moving with two little ones, every time I start feeling sorry for myself with this move here to Berkeley! Skype me when you get the chance!

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