Icelandic shoes

Today was a typical San Francisco day, weather wise. A bit cool and foggy in the morning, turning rather warm and sunny around mid-day, and then back to being chilly by the afternoon. And so I decided to wear my Icelandic black leather boots with the toes cut out (yes, high-healed sandal-boots), even though the heals makes walking up and down the hill outside my apartment a bit difficult.

Well, I know not everyone likes to imagine themselves in someone else's shoes, but for those who do have a sympathetic enough nature to do so, I suppose it will make sense to them, why those sorts of shoes were what the day called for. I myself am just pretty darn excited that my $220 shoe purchase at Smáralind will actually come in handy around here in Berkeley.


Chung Fei said…
Here in Rome it is not very cold and I like to wear my heavy NewRock boots :D

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