The day before I left Iceland, my computer crashed. Booom! I mean, I knew I had a lot of things on the desktop. I knew I had not updated a lot of the software, and I knew it was an old computer. But I did not think I had done anything to make the computer decide to just erase my profile. Anyhow, it happened at a very inconvenient time, really, really, really inconvenient time, at 3pm on Friday, with my flight booked for  Saturday. There was nothing that could be done Friday night about it, of course, plus everyone told me it would take weeks to rebuild the system and find my files. Ten days before Christmas, I chose to go home instead of sticking around to help recover the files or redo the work if necessary.

My coworker Sveinn recovered the most critical files just now in mid-January, so indeed that took time. I think he had to rebuild the entire hard-drive.

The first day I was at my office here in Berkeley, the tech guy came around and added a profile to the shared computer for me. I do not think it takes a degree in psychology to understand that I am really hesitant to use that profile, or to use that computer.


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