Smart phone

My brother had a Smart phone Treo 700 that he was no longer using. He gave it to my dad, who put it on his existing Verizon plan. Then today, my dad gave it to me. So I now have a free Smart phone (although I will have to buy the data pack myself if I want to use the phone to get on the net).

I am trying to decide if this counts as rather Icelandic of me, or not. On the one hand, utilizing connections and figuring out a free way to do something seems pretty Icelandic to me. But on the other hand, Icelanders these days are reticent to recycle or use hand-me-downs.

Anyhow, it is surely not very Orange County of me. Probably best to say it is vintage Lange family.


Jon Frimann said…
Are you sure that it isn't this phone here ?

As I cannot find the 700 model that you speak of.

But congratulation on the new phone. I just hope that it works in Europe.
Anonymous said…
nei nei, ekki lengur, það hafa til dæmis sprottið upp hellingur af saumastofum sem sinna viðgerðum og þannig! Endilega telja þetta íslenskan eiginleika ;)
Lissy said…
Hi Jon, all the manuals speak of the 750 and they are almost the same in features. But the 700 has a small external antenna, which the 750 does not.

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