The makings of a happy evening

Friday night the 3rd, I went to a Christmas party at my boss' house. She had a lot of food and drink, and also had organized three different games for us to play. Between each course there was something different. It was all planned ahead of time, and gave the evening an air of formality. I suppose the games were also supposed to help people who do not know each other very well (there were 25 or so of us who work in different parts of the cultural division of the town) find something to talk about.

Last night, I had a Christmas party at my house for my extended family here in Iceland. There were 18 of us, and although they are all people I see on a fairly regular basis, some of them had not seen each other for quite a while.

It never crossed my mind though to organize any particular activities or events for when my guests were at my house. I did not even have a movie picked out for the kids to watch.

To me, the only thing I need to do as a hostess is provide the place, decide on the time, and make sure there is plenty of food and drink. It is up to my guests to make of the evening what they will.

This strategy works out well because I trusts my guests, I know they are all friendly, talkative, warm people who are happy to see each other. All I have to do is open my door, with the confidence that they will take care of the rest.


Anonymous said…
samkvæmisleikir - oh the horror!

Mér myndi aldrei detta í hug að vera með svona dagskrá í boði, en svo sem ágætt að við erum ekki öll eins.

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