Jeans and a pretty blouse

I was invited to a party last night that was hosted by a girl I used to play with pretty often in elementary school. We also went to the same junior high and highschool, but I think she thought I was a bit too serious and moved on to funnier friends. So the group last night was a good selection of the 250 some-odd girls that were in our graduating class.

I am happy to report that I fit very well into this group. Not only was I wearing the exact right sort of outfit (jeans and pretty blouse with accessories like big necklace and cool belt), I have perhaps become a bit less serious in my old age, because I laughed a lot.

So living in Iceland has not completely warped my Orange County roots.


Lissy said…
Palmer was however upset that he was not invited. I told him it was a mommy only party. No men, no kids.
Lissy said…
Heather, the host, is a highschool teacher renting a house in the neighborhood we grew up in. One of the other girls at the party had actually purchased a home in the area, but she was lamenting have done so since she bought at the top of the market a few years ago.
Jon Frimann said…
I just see two comments here. Both from you. ;)

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