Family and friends

I had a wonderful weekend saying "merry christmas and goodbye" to my friends and family here in Iceland, with a party at my house Friday night and Saturday night.

One of my cousins was trying to reassure me, when I mentioned how much I would miss everyone. Her sister, Elísabet, lives in Ireland, and she said that they talk basically every day. Then we got into a discussion of how often that is the case, that one ends up talking to the people that are farther away more often than the people that are right there in the same town. Icelanders in particular make more of an effort to bridge the distance with phone calls and text messages and gifts. It is a trade off, but it works out pretty well.

In the three years I have lived here in Iceland, I know I have changed in this regard. I have become more Icelandic, more appreciative of community, more appreciative of the value of keeping lines of communication open between friends and family both near and far.


OKinUK said…
Good luck on your move!

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