Children's Hospital

This morning I took Palmer to a routine exam at Children's Hospital in Oakland for his liver and kidneys.

It is a very good hospital, very kid friendly with lots of decorations everywhere and a staff that is specially trained to know how to talk to and relate to kids. Palmer got to watch a movie during his exam and was given a gift afterwards, so he was a happy camper.

The only odd thing about it is that upon admission to the hospital, he is given a wrist band with his name and birthdate on it. Everywhere we went in the hospital, he was asked his name and birthdate. I think they are very concerned that the patients do not get mixed up or lost while navigating the maze of specialists that need to be seen for most sick children.


Jon said…
Even in our small town hospital we check the wristbands on the adults and verbally address them by name. Identification mistakes can be expensive or tragic.

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