No chance of getting bored

I still find it pretty hard to get bored here in Iceland. There seems to always be so much going on that catches me by surprise, political alignments and business practices that confound me. But I could imagine for someone who grew up here, that might not always be the case. And I can imagine if I stayed here a long time, a certain restlessness might set in. One is, as my brother has sometimes pointed out, stuck on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic.

One thing to be said for living in the Bay Area in California is that the odds of getting bored zip. None. Nada. i mean just the offerings on and around the Berkeley campus could fill one's calendar with a huge variety of interesting talks about all sorts of subjects, not to mention plays, music events, great cafes, colorful types wandering the streets, occasional protests, I mean one simply cannot walk down Telegraph and find it hum ha. As a place, it is vibrant, so living there is like having an especially amusing member of the family around all the time.


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