Necessary for the time being

I think the dual stereotypes of the hard-nosed, bitchy female and the whinny, complaining female is more prevalent in the United States than it is here in Iceland. At least I have not seen a lot of advertisements here in Iceland, like you see in the US, warning husbands to do this that or the other if they want to keep their wives happy.

But still every once in a while at my museum, I find myself suddenly realizing that I am bossing around my male co-workers. They usually give me a good-natured ribbing for it, say something like "Just like this, are you sure?"

Still it seems to me, with less than a week to go before our Boat Burial exhibition is set to open, that it is entirely necessary for me to be hard-nosed and focused. This is just not the right time for idle chit chat.


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