Hit one out of the park

The Robert Redford movie The Natural ends with a dramatic flourish, he hit a home run that did not just make it out of the park, it hit the lights above the outside of the park. That scene plays up on a common metaphor in American culture, "to hit one out of the park" which means to do something beyond people's expectations.

I suppose that is what Icelanders were hoping for, especially after all the recent protests, that the voters would join together and really hit one out of the park. Something definitive, something memorable, something beautiful.

But surely in history the Stjornalagaþingi kostning will stand as something important and probably emerge as extremely significant when seen in the full perspective of time.

That is perhaps not much compensation for the men and women who have put their all into this election the last two months, but I hope they still feel proud of themselves.

Those who get elected of course still have a chance to do so, to create a document that captures the hearts and minds of Icelanders, much the way the Black Report did. Only this time, by looking forward.


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