cc me!

I need to find out how Icelanders request to be included in an email exchange. In the U.S. we say "When you send ____ an email, be sure to cc me." Everyone knows what that means, and often emails in the U.S. have a huge line of people being cc-ed. Totally normal to hear a sentence in American workplaces, "I was cc-ed on that."

I tend to cc other people when I write emails here in Iceland, people like the mayor or my colleague at Byggjasafn Reykjenasbær, etc.  And although of course most Icelanders reply all to such emails, I was just realizing this morning that I am very rarely actually cc-ed on an email from one of my colleagues.

I think this is because Icelanders tend to take coffee breaks, etc., together, during which time they would get the verbal equivalent of a cc. But I work at home 80% of the time, so yeah, I need to find out how to get my coworkers in the habit of just adding my name to the cc line of their emails. I wonder if this is possible?


Thordis said…
You just do the same "cc-aðu mig á það" til dæmis :) Þú ræður hvort þú segir "c" á íslensku eða ensku. Both works!

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