That helps

The man sitting next to me on the plane asked me, just as we were landing, whether or not I had been to Seattle before. I told him I had, and he made a comment about how much that helps when one is traveling, if one is familiar with the destination, has been there before. I am that sort of traveler, with Iceland always as destination.

The travel industry of course lures us with the promise of surprising, exotic locations, but I think there is a large, rather untapped, segment of the market that just wants to go back to the places they know. Thus I think there should be some marketing campaigns that just give travelers a good sense of what they would expect, in order to instill a sense of familiarity and comfort, and sense that the tourist would not be too surprised once they traveled there on their own.


Jon said…
I think you are right. I can't wait to get back to Iceland!

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