þorgerður Katrín and Björgvin?

Another one of those moments happened today when I went, "They did what? Threw eggs and disturb the church service that takes place before the Alhingi members begin their work for the year?" No matter what you think about God or Church, it is a good idea for people who are going to be expected to work together for a year to have a chance to come together in a peaceful environment and focus on something outside of themselves. It can only hurt if that moment of peace and contemplation is turned into a moment of hostility. It is like a fan running out onto the soccer field and punching the players while they are shaking hands post-game. Just not the right time for such a thing.

This is not to say that I do not think this has been an upsetting and highly disappointing week, with the Althingi deciding to only send Geir Haarde before a special court.

But to me the more upsetting thing is that Björgvin and Þorgerður Katrín are back in their Althingi seats.

I can tell you what, in the United States, neither these two nor several others would have been re-elected. And I think, if Icelanders were able to directly vote for their parliamentary representatives, Icelanders probably would not have re-elected these people either.

Both of them enjoy the support of their party, which I do not begrudge them. Their friends put them  on a list with their other friends, and thus they made their way back into the parliament.

My advice, such as it is, to the Icelandic nation, is that before calling for a new election, make sure the constitution is changed so that the next election will also not just once again put the same people in office.


Anonymous said…
úff hvað ég er sammála hérna - báðum atriðum! Var að syngja í kirkjunni í dag og það var ótrúlega skrítið andrúmsloft, fólk var mjög slegið, sumir grátandi nánast alla messuna. Ekki hjálpaði að það var einn gluggi brotinn á kirkjunni!

Og þúst! Þorgerður komin aftur, sérstaklega hún en líka Björgvin!!!!????

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