What did you have for dinner?

Palmer's kitchen in California (well, Dave's kitchen) had a leak behind the dishwasher, caused by a mouse chewing on the line, and from that leak emerged a mold infestation behind the cabinets of the kitchen. So their kitchen has been out of service for two weeks now, as the contractors try to repair everything.

So I have been asking everytime I talk to Palmer which restaurant he has been going to for dinner. This is on top of my usual regular questions about what he has been eating, for snack or lunch or whathaveyou.

Because of course with our loves ones, we want to know about the minutia of their day, where they went and what they ate, how well they slept the night before. I notice also how happy I am to see what clothes Palmer is wearing when we talk on Skype.

Of course all of this means I miss the little guy a lot. Today he asked about when he was coming back to Iceland, and I told him that first, I would be coming to see him in California. Though my trip in October may be short, it will be sweet.


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