Time to end the charade

Last night at Pub Quiz, I got a question about the Norse gods wrong. This is the second time that I have done so at Pub quizzes. I think my team mates basically bought my explanation for why I said Oðinn was the God of Poetry back a year or so ago (instead of Baldur, the "correct" answer), but last night I had a hard time saying anything to excuse why I answered "Loki" when asked who was Mímir's nephew (Oðinn was the correct answer). I knew Mímir was the first giant, and I thought about Oðinn for a second, since I knew he (and his brothers, whom he killed if I recall correctly) were the first gods. But still I answered Loki, since of course he is half giant and half Æsir.

Well, so, the point is, having read through most of the corpus of Eddic poetry about the Norse gods, I am by no means an expert in them.


Skúli Pálsson said…
Bragi var góð skáldskapar; var það ekki?
Lissy said…
I guess so, but to me Baldur is most important for the whole mistletoe/Ragnarok thing.
Marie Lange said…
Loki tricked you into saying that!
Lissy said…
Mashugala sister of LOOOVVVEEE! You must be right. I was telling Eric from the Nordic Heritage Museum about drawing that Loki rune at your house, remember that??

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