Sensible decision?

I was trying to decide whether or not to take the bus over to my friend Johanna's house last night. The bus from Keflavík to Reykjavík only runs 4 times on weekend days, but actually taking the 4pm bus there and the 9pm bus home would have worked out fine. I was however unsure as to whether or not the 9pm bus would go through Reykjavík again, or just leave straight from BSÍ onto Reykjanesbraut. 

Here in Iceland, there is no 24 hour customer support at the bus company, no one I can call to ask a simple question like "what route does the bus take back?" 

But on the other hand, the bus is free!


Anonymous said…
hmm and no web page? This wouldn't be a part of Strætó, I suppose? is fairly legible.
Anonymous said…
arrg - ég gleymi alltaf að svara á íslensku hér, kemur svo eðlilega að svara ensku með ensku :)
Lissy said…
Nei, þetta er SBK, fyrirtæki í Reykjanesbæ. Því miður, Pdf skáin með áætlun er algörlega bare bones! Threw in a little ensku for you!

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