Salad bar

Salad bars are incredibly popular in California, and are available at everything from fast food hamburger places to major specialty chains and in grocery stores.

I have not seen as many salad bars here in Iceland, but there are some, definitely. Still they always strike me as a little out of place, since I know they are based on the American model. This evening, I took advantage of the one in the Samkaup Úrval (or Straks, can't remember) right near my house. That Samkaup is now occupying the old Navy Exchange convenience store (called One Stop if I remember correctly). There is still a big sticker when one walks in, congratulating it for being the convenience store of the year for the Navy in 2004. 

So this salad bar is both less out of place and more out of place at the same time.

But for anyone that is curious, yes, the pasta salad tastes good, here on the other side of the Looking Glass. 


HT said…
Reminds me of Berthold Beet and that song...
Oh, show me the way to the next salad bar!
Lissy said…
Now I will have to Google that song!

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