Once when wandering in the Eymundsson kids section after dinner I heard about a book

I have been trying to decide what sort of gift to send my son, and am now leaning towards a little bit of everything--one t-shirt, one book, one car--something like that.

For the book, I already know which one I want to buy for him. It is a book I bought for my cousin Robert Páll a few years ago, on the suggestion of Ármann, who said he had really loved it as a child and had bought it for one of his friend's kids. So I figure any book that has been around that long, and been read by that many Icelanders, should be one my son should have. Plus it is about outer-space, and my son is now old enough to be into that.

T-shirt wise I think I will get a touristy Icelandic thing, since I have a vague hope of him wearing it at school and getting a chance to tell his classmates all about Iceland.

Of course, he'll probably be most excited about the car, no matter what make or model it is!


Anonymous said…
Á hann Skilaboðaskjóðuna? (bókina og diskinn). Frábær pakki.

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