Ode to mom #1

In addition to all the other things my mom has done for me, from giving me life and sending me off to Iceland all the time as a kid, to being a trusted friend and advisor, my mom also taught me how to cook. Or kind of. Because my mom's style of cooking is intuitive. She opens the cabinets, pulls one thing out, and then as she is cooking, adds other things, one by one, until she has something at the end that is really spectacular. She does not follow a recipe, but I think she usually starts off with one main ingredient, say the meat, and then lets her creativity work from there. Pretty often, she'll start frying up the ground beef while still deciding whether to make spaghetti sauce or chili or some sort of goulash.

I highly recommend this sort of cooking. Put your hands on some main ingedient, start cooking, give it a taste midway through, and then throw in whatever you've got to finish it off.

The best thing about this type of cooking is it is fun for the chef, rather carefree and experimental. Sometimes it does not work out so well, but most of the time it works out very well, to the delight of the whole family. We always sat around the dinner table when I was a kid in rapt suspense, because, well, no meal was ever the same twice around our house.

My cute mom, so capable in all she does.


Anonymous said…
Oh, mér finnst svo gaman þegar ég finn í mér að elda svona. Stundum ber ég matinn fram og verð að játa fyrir fjölskyldunni að ég viti ekki sjálf hvort þetta er súpa eða kássa eða sósa... stundum verður allt hálfóspennandi og við þurfum að bæta upp með brauði og osti. En gaman er það alltaf! Kristín í París.

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