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Tonight I was cooking a chicken. I cut off the breast meat and made fajitas with that. Then I cut off the drumsticks and thighs, put those in a barbeque marinade and I suppose I will bake them tomorrow. Then I took the ribs and wings and boiled it to make chicken broth. I just finished picking all the bits of meat off the bones from the boiled carcass, so I can make chicken and rice soup this week too. I have a policy about chickens, that first of all they need to have had had lives outside of cages before they are killed, and secondly, that I buy them whole and butcher them myself, as a small way to show respect for the fact that this was a living animal. 

Since I have moved to Iceland, I have never once doubted that poultry farmers in Iceland raise their flocks in a humane manner. I have never once considered not eating them. Even though the chicken I was dissecting tonight was suspiciously fatty, it was happily consumed. In fact, the fajitas were really good. 


Anonymous said…
Oh, I so hope you're right!

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