Nose job

I read in the paper recently about an Icelandic plastic surgeon working in Los Angeles. California is of course the capital of cosmetic surgery, and I must say I am not immune to the thought that I would look better if I got a nose job (I think really a nostril reduction would do the trick).  Three of my girlfriends from highschool had their noses changed by surgery, and two of my girlfriend's had breast surgery.

It occurs to me that I do not know of anyone here in Iceland that has done this. I do not think this has to do with people in Iceland not being interested in their looks, nor do I think necessarily that Icelanders are sooooooo much more naturally better looking that Californians.

I think mostly it is a matter of money, and the health care system. Having a nose job is a status marker in California, because it is the kind of procedure not covered by insurance.


Jon said…
I can't believe you would think of restricting your air flow for the sake of vanity! Just look at what happened to Michael Jackson after he had his nose done! Perish the thought!
Lissy said…
Well, Kate Winslet has given some comfort to women like me, so for now I think I will leave it as is.
William said…
you'd wind up looking something like Dimi Moore...who needs that!
Anonymous said…
Nose jobs aren't covered by the insurance here either, (breast surgery can be though - if you have too big ones), but it's way cheaper here than almost anywhere compatible abroad. I can point out to you the best surgeon if you decide to do this ;)

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