I just filled out the online request for an appointment from the Krabbameinsfélagið at (which I think is kind of a funny website name). People have been telling me to do this for a while, since I guess the annual exam is free and it is also easy to get an appointment. 

Of course no one really likes to go in for a cancer screening, but here in Iceland, as in the States, they talk about the importance of regular check ups, early detection, and also just starting a baseline file. Seems like it is also kind of a requirement?

So although I do not consider it of life or death importance, I am also not opposed to being in the system. As long as they do not give me really bad news at any point in time, I imagine I would be perfectly happy to talk to the fine folks at the Cancer Association. 


Valur said…
Það er um að gera að mæta í leit. Árangurinn þykir góður af leit en það sem helst hefur valdið vonbrigðum hér á Íslandi er léleg heildarmæting.

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