On Saturday night, I had some of my Berkeley Icelander friends over to enjoy Ljósanótt with me. Three of us were native Californians, and both Todd and Eric actually have what I would consider a "total surfer dude" California accent. I used to have an unbelievable "valley girl like ya knooooww" accent. So we were laughing about that. Then the next morning, I had to get up and open up at Víkingaheimar, where we had lots of visitors and almost all of them were Icelandic. So there I was, pretty tired, still recovering from my cold, trying to speak Icelandic after a night of only speaking English. And it turns out, under those circumstances, according to many of the Icelanders that came on Sunday, that my Icelandic sounds like I have a Danish accent. In other words, I was somehow speaking Færoese on Sunday.

This was of course not intentional on my part. I have never been to the Færoese, and have no desire to sully my linguistic (in)capabilities further by throwing Færoese into the mix.

I suppose it really and truly has become time for me to get myself a real Icelandic tutor.


Heiða said…
Ég býð mig hér með fram í að hitta þig í hádeginu, einu sinni í viku (eða einu sinni á tveggja vikna fresti) og borða saman súpu og tala íslensku. Þá má ég líka leiðrétta þig, en aðallega bara spjalla um daginn og veginn. Það væri gaman. Hringdu!
Lissy said…
Thanks Heida! Miss having you guys in Keflavík. But yes, would be so nice to have lunch, speak Icelandic, have a smart gal giving me some help! Big hugs.

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