Domestic flight

Today I am flying up to Akureyri for the Vest Norden trade show, so this morning I went to the domestic airport in Reykjavík. That airport is just so neat, it reminds me of the airport in Nuuk and the way Orange Country airport was when I was a kid. Flights coming and going without the trappings of a huge apparatus, one just showed up and walked on the plane. I think it is marvelous Iceland still has that sort of domestic travel, one that harkens to the golden age of navigation, when flight was about freedom and open skies.

And it made me realize just how much that excitement about flight has been beaten out of me, how much I just think about the bureaucrocy and procedure of flights. I showed up at the domestic airport, an hour and a half before it was supposed to take off. I was told to come back in an hour, ie: a half-hour before the flight.

Thank you Flugfélags Ísland, for reminding me of how it is supposed to be.


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