Table for one

I have had an efficient little four days up here in Skagafjoður. There were a few times when I was eating alone that I felt a need to explain myself to perfect strangers, but for the most part I ignored that knee jerk desire to justify my presence--really is none of their business why I am here alone and I think a man alone would not have raised eyebrows at all. Those brief moments of awkwardness were a small price to pay for the benefits of being up here on my own, because, well, I work kind of random. If I would have had to try to explain myself to a travel companion, it would not have worked very well, especially because I was criss-cutting across the valley in chaotic ways. And I would not have been able to hear my own instincts about where to go and what to see if I was listening to the conversation of another. 

As Joe Banks says in Joe vs. the Volcano, there are just some things in life a person has to do on their own. 


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