It is a dead issue

I was listening to the news on Bylgjan this morning driving into the city (and realizing I need to just have Bylgjan on all day at home to help me with my dissertation antsyness). Anyhow, the top news story was about a murder, and a call for information leading to arrest of the suspect. Details were included about the brutality of the crime -- throat slit and ear chopped off, before the body was disemboweled and butchered, pieces left by the side of the road. The newscaster had a suitable tone of disgust over the whole affair. The victim, clearly, was innocent of any wrongdoing.

The victim was a lamb.

My American friends and I often comment about how animal stories make it into the news in Iceland the way stories about humans would in the US. A cat killing birds on the heaths was making headlines a few weeks ago. The US news media does not give much coverage to the death of animals, I must say, but it is one of my favorite things about living here. The dead, no matter the species, deserve to have their passing noted.  


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