Gunnar Eyjólfsson

We had a bit of VIP event at Víkingaheimar tonight, and it was really wonderful to see those Icelanders who had been instrumental in making the sailing of Íslendingur and the Smithsonian exhibition possible, kind of a chance to say thank you to them.

There have also been some that have done a lot recently to make Víkingaheimar as good as it can be. One of those is Gunnar Eyjólfsson, one of the most respected and cherished actors in Iceland. He grew up in Keflavík, and he was telling me about playing as a child on the same spit of land where Víkingaheimar now stands. He lent his considerable vocal talents to our saga theatre audio program, and tonight we got to show him how it all came together. I think he was really pleased. He said a few words, and told a funny story about getting to dance with Princess Margaretta. Then when he was leaving, he took me in his arms and spun me around. Although I did not get a full dance with that dapper gentleman, I did still feel a bit like a princess.


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