Mexican food continued

Today I am enjoying the left over Mexican rice and spiced refried beans I made Saturday night for dinner, wrapped up in a whole wheat flour tortilla.

It occurred to me that some Icelanders may not be as used to making burritos as I am, so I hereby pass on a very useful trick I learned in Southern California.

Place a tortilla directly, ie: without any sort of pan, on top of a hot stovetop range, either gas (low flame) or electric (high heat), for a few seconds. The tortilla will puff up, at which point it should be turned over and remain for a few additional seconds. Remove quickly.

What some people fail to realize is that the tortillas sold in the stores are only partially baked, and the last bit of browning is supposed to be done at home.

An electric range will need to be immediately wiped down, otherwise the gluten in the flour hardens onto the surface. Also, on occasion, especially on a gas range, I have ended up burning the edges, but even a burnt tortilla tastes better than a half-baked tortilla!


Valur said…
En sniðugt. Ég elska burritos sem ég kaupi hjá Serranos. Ég bý næstum aldrei til mína eigin. En ég ætla að prófa þetta.
Anonymous said…
Við hins vegar bökum tortillurnar sjálf - það er hins vegar hættulegt að byrja á því, ekki nokkur séns að fara til baka í þær keyptu.

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