Don't look at me

I may have to delete this post shortly after putting it up, because I probably should not say anything at all. But I just think it is so hilarious, that I have landed right in the middle of some big complicated political power struggle over everything from world peace to natural resources just by helping get a museum started in Reykjanesbær. I thought my biggest problem was going to be the kind of white power nationalistic rhetoric that swirls around the Vikings. But little did I know that sleepy old Keflavík is also a hotbed of controversy on an international scale.

Which is good, really good. Makes life a lot more interesting not to just be doing academic navel gazing. And someday I might even have enough appropriate experience to handle it well.


Valur said…
I sincerly hope you'll survive this, whatever it is. (I'm a bit out of touch sometimes, I don't know what this is about.)
Lissy said…
Hitaveita Suðurnesja is being sold. It has a lot to do with the finances of the township, which has a lot to do with the finances of my museum. So I have no opinion on the matter.

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